Top Songs of Jazzy B
Albums Of Jazzy B
Folk N Funky 2 [Album] [As a Artist ]
Crazy Ya (Folk N Funky 2) [Single] [As a Artist ]
Naag The Third (Naag 3) [Single] [As a Artist ]
Londono Patola Reloaded [Single] [As a Artist ]
Folk n Funky 2 [Single] [Coming Soon] [As a Artist ]
Born King [Single] [As a ]
Sardar Saab [Album] [As a Artist ]
Gobind Da Sardaar [Single] [As a Artist ]
Shikaar [Single] [iTunes Rip] [As a ]
Tutak Tutak Tutiya [Album] [As a ]
Trendster [Single] [Full Song] [As a Artist ]
Dynamite [Single] [As a ]

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Videos Of Jazzy B
Title: Crazy Ya (Folk N Funky 2)

Artist: Jazzy B
Title: Naag The Third (Naag 3)

Artist: Jazzy B
Title: Londono Patola Reloaded

Artist: Jazzy B
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CD Rip Of Jazzy B
Double Di Trouble [Album]
Best of Luck [Album]
Ghugian Da Jorra [Album]
Get Back [Album]

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iTunes Rip Of Jazzy B
Shikaar [Single]
Attwaadi [Single]
Faraar [Album]
Etwaar Ft. Dr Zeus (iTunes) [Single]

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Ringtones Of Jazzy B

Lyrics Of Jazzy B
Vair Mittran Na [Jazzy B]
Uchi Heel [Jazzy B]

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