Top Songs of Elly Mangat
Albums Of Elly Mangat
Danger Zone [Single] [As a Artist ]
Gunda Touch (Yea Babby) [Single] [As a ]
Show Off [Single] [As a ]
Gunda Touch [Single] [As a Artist ]
Ustaad [Single] [As a Artist ]
Vintage Cars [Single] [As a Artist ]
Showoff [Single] [As a ]
Thug Life 2 [Single] [As a Artist ]
Still Dont Snitch [As a ]
Orignal Gangland [Single] [Full Song] [As a Artist ]
Sikka [Single] [As a ]
Yea Babby (Hurrrr) [Album] [As a Artist ]

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Videos Of Elly Mangat
Title: Snitch

Artist: Elly Mangat
Title: Chopper 2

Artist: Elly Mangat
Title: Wait

Artist: Elly Mangat
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iTunes Rip Of Elly Mangat
Chopper 2 [Single]
Fuddu Gallan Terian [Single]
Game Ft. Gangis Khan (iTunes) [Single]

Ringtones Of Elly Mangat

Lyrics Of Elly Mangat
Dharti [Elly Mangat]
Fuddu Gallan Terian [Elly Mangat]

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